Andreoli is one of the most qualified Italian companies specializing in the processing of Solid Surfaces and since 1990, it is part of the Corian® Quality Network of companies certified by the prestigious Dupont ™ for processing this material.
Andreoli is the best way to realize an idea, using DuPont ™ Corian® or other Solid Surfaces: with high processing techniques and the ability to find solutions that can transform ideas into products.
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BETACRYL® Solid Surfaces

A dimensional frontier of excellence
BETACRYL® Solid Surfaces

Pure acrylic stone for decor and design

In Andreoli we are specialized in processing BETACRYL® an exclusive material made of two third of aluminum hydroxide and one third acrylic resin adding some natural pigments. Consistency of BETACRYL® is similar as stone, it is highly resistant material that guarantees hygiene, water resistance, and colour stability over time. It also can be worked into any shape, creating continuity.

BETACRYL®: characteristics of material

BETACRYL® is the state of the art in Solid Surface Technology: it has excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical stresses and it is suitable for different applications. It’s a non-porous material that doesn’t absorb liquids, for this reason stains can only be superficial. It resists the heat much better than any other surface materials.

Material is very difficult to scratch, but if it happens any specialized laboratory will be able to perfectly restore the original plan, in fact BETACRYL®’s best feature is to be always repairable.


  • Waterproff
  • Antibacterial
  • Hygienic
  • Fire resistant
  • Resettable
  • Color stability
  • Eco friendly


  • Wide range of colors
  • Possibility to create custom colors
  • Sheets available in different thicknesses, widths and lengths
  • Minor processing costs
  • Wide range of kitchen and bathroom prints
  • Possibility of printing custom projects

BETACRYL® can be used in a wide range of pressed products such as sinks, basins also freestanding and bathtubs.

Bathroom in BETACRYL®

Available in a wide range of colors, BETACRYL® allows you to create very beautiful and innovative bathrooms, thanks to the extraordinary aesthetic solutions that can offer this material.

Standard printed products are available, and it also can be realized in customized designs with contoured elegant surfaces and coordinated washbasins. From BETACRYL® you can also create frames for the mirrors and high edges that perfectly finish every detail and to cover walls with glossy or satin finishing tiles …

BETACRYL® washbasin

Betacryl Bathroom

BETACRYL® Kitchen Top

Betacryl Solid Surface Sink


BETACRYL® is particularly suitable for realizing beautiful kitchen tops with tubs, edges and backrest all the same color, united without visible joints that ensure a harmonious continuity of shape and color with great visual impact.

Also classic and stylish kitchens are destinated to last for their traditional shapes and durable materials, which can be enriched with acrylic stone tops to ensure aesthetic impact and maximum functionality.


Betacryl Solid Surface Sink


Betacryl Solid Surface Sink
Betacryl® Design

BETACRYL® can be reset and easily transformed in any shape or model designer’s imagination can create. It has a homogeneous thickness and a velvety surface that makes it possible to create the best design objects.

Elegance, style and flexibility makes BETACRYL® the solution for a great décor of the easy-to-care, simple and linear design projects. An example? Wavy Library is an Interior Design project made in BETACRYL®.

Design Library in BETACRYL® Wavy

    • Living
      • Bathroom furniture, wash basins, shower trays, bathtubs, vertical finishes and floors, kitchen tops, sinks, tables, libraries and accessories …


    • Design
      • Furnishing accessories, tables, light design, art, temporary and permanent installations …
    • Public Sector
      • Institutional Buildings, Airports and Stations, Museums and Exhibitions, Urban Furniture, Schools …


    • Contract
      • Bars and restaurants, Hotel, Reception areas, Shop fitting and general shops furnishing , naval and nautical furnishings, high fire resistance areas …
    • Medical Sector
      • Laboratories, hospitals, surgical sink areas, work plates, antibacterial vertical coatings for public areas, medical and dental surgeries areas …

BETACRYL® can be cut, glued and thermo formed into any form, using the thermo forming process that allows you to create curved surfaces. It is a material that allows architects and designers to create all kinds of solutions. Absence of joints allows you to create creative continuity solutions: Andreoli is able to realize any project, in an excellent way.



Andreoli can realize your project, for interior, design, or architecture using BETACRYL®: Andreoli is able to produce both quantity on a large scale and one-off pieces with an exclusive design.