Andreoli is one of the most qualified Italian companies specializing in the processing of Solid Surfaces and since 1990, it is part of the Corian® Quality Network of companies certified by the prestigious Dupont ™ for processing this material.
Andreoli is the best way to realize an idea, using DuPont ™ Corian® or other Solid Surfaces: with high processing techniques and the ability to find solutions that can transform ideas into products.
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Solid Surfaces

Advanced mineral and pure acrylic polymer compounds
Solid Surface Materials

Machinable and thermoformable into any form

At Andreoli we are specialists in processing CORIAN® and other Solid Sufaces materials.

Advanced mineral compounds and solid, non-porous, pure acrylic polymers, lend themselves to be cut, glued and thermoformed into any form. The Solid Surfaces are innovative materials that offer great versatility of shape, used domestically and other uses (kitchen worktops, sinks, shower trays, furniture items, …), allowing architects and designers to create all kinds of solutions.

Absence of joints, continuity and lack of of porosity give solid surfaces the added value of maximum hygiene: consequently it is often used in bathrooms, kitchens and even in medical applications and hospitals.

In addition to the CORIAN® SOLID SURFACE we work with materials such as:

  • BETACRYL (TM of BTS Spa)
  • HI-MACS (TM of LG Chem Ltd.)
  • STARON (TM of Samsung SDI CO. LTD.)
  • KRION  (TM of System-Pool S.A.)

Betacryl® is an exclusive material made from two thirds aluminum hydroxide and one third acrylic resin with natural pigments. The aluminum hydroxide gives the product a good mechanical resistance while the acrylic resin guarantees hygiene, water resistance and colour stability over time.

Despite the consistency similar to stone, it can be reset and easily transformed using woodworking equipment. It may be joined imperceptibly, and a simple thermoforming process allows you to create curved surfaces giving free rein to the designer’s imagination. Betacryl’s strength is its use in the wide range of pressed products such as sinks, basins also freestanding and bathtubs.

Betacryl® Processing

Betacryl Solid Surface Sink

Betacryl® Sink

Betacryl Solid Surface Sink

Betacryl® kitchen top

Betacryl Solid Surface Sink

Hi-macs® is a material subjected to a particular advanced thermal treatment to create a new compound, more resistant and free of structural defects. It can be worked into any shape while maintaining the highest visual uniformity, resulting in large expanses without visible joints, where you have the possibility to add – for example – different kitchen elements (sinks, etc.).

The wide range of shapes that can be created allows designers a wealth of creative possibilities in different applications. HI-MACS® is renewable and ecological: it respects the environment through the use of sustainable materials, environmentally friendly production processes, and recycling at end of life.

Hi-macs® Processing

Desing HI MACS Milan Urban Next en

Hi-macs® Sink

Desing HI MACS Milan Urban Next en

Hi-macs® Design

Design SURFIN en

Products made with Staron® solid surface, consist partly of massive slabs and partly mineral fillers, without styrene and tied with acrylic. The material consists of a third acrylic resin (PMMA), and two thirds of the natural mineral aluminum hydroxide (ATH), which is extracted from bauxite. The result of the process is a hard, smooth, seamless and nonporous.

To meet the diverse needs of taste, design, colour harmony and the numerous areas of application, the slabs are made of Staron® in over 140 unique colours and different thicknesses. The high flexibility of the transformation of Staron® slabs, combined with the thermoplastic properties, and the possibility of practically invisible bonding, allows private and commercial applications in interior architecture and multi-storey buildings.


Krion® is a warm material to touch and similar to natural stone: it is composed of two-thirds natural minerals (ATH: Aluminum trihydrate) and a small percentage of high-strength resins. It’s composition gives it some unique characteristics: the absence of pores, it is antibacterial without any kind of additive, hardness, strength, durability, low maintenance and repair, and easy cleaning.

KRION® slabs can be cut, combined or subjected to thermoforming to obtain curved pieces. KRION® Solid Surface can also be injected with other materials, to create unique shapes and designs. It’s available in a wide range of colours; the white finish really stands out, pure and neutral. It is also an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled 100%: all products made in KRION® can be reprocessed and reused in the production cycle.