Andreoli is one of the most qualified Italian companies specializing in the processing of Solid Surfaces and since 1990, it is part of the Corian® Quality Network of companies certified by the prestigious Dupont ™ for processing this material.
Andreoli is the best way to realize an idea, using DuPont ™ Corian® or other Solid Surfaces: with high processing techniques and the ability to find solutions that can transform ideas into products.
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Corian® Processing

Unique and revolutionary Solid Surface
Corian® Processing

Unique and revolutionary Solid Surface

Corian® is a unique material: invented by DuPont™, since its inception has revolutionized the field of industrial production and processing of solid surfaces, thanks to the unique feature of this material: it can be molded into any shape.


Corian® specialisation

Know-how and reliability, production flexibility and quality make Andreoli an exceptional partner for the making of Corian® and Solid Surface materials: advanced mineral compounds and solid, non-porous, pure acrylic polymers, lend themselves to be cut, glued and thermoformed in any shape.

It ‘s in the process of thermoforming that Andreoli’s strength has combined traditional craftsmanship and industrial innovation, differentiating itself by increasing its experience and cutting edge technology. Andreoli:

  • Highly specialized in Thermoforming
  • High tech machinery for product customization
  • Ability to produce a large number of pieces in a short time
  • Attention to detail using a very experienced team
  • Project designer who follows every development
  • Qualified Dupont ™ installers (also for work abroad)
  • Official Dupont ™ Partner for the Corian® Quality Network
  • Certified system ISO 9001
  • CE Marking of products

The processing phases


Andreoli follows every production phase with highly specialized staff:

On request, Andreoli can carry out an install for customers to perfection, whilst offering the highest levels of professionalism and creativity in the making of this incredibly versatile material.

Processing of Corian®: Pantographic

Processing of Corian®: The Thermoforming

Processing of Corian®: Bonding

Processing of Corian®: Grinding

Processing of Corian®: the Assembly Service and Exhibition

What can you do with Corian® ?


Andreoli can realise your project, for interior, design, or architecture using DuPont™ Corian®: Andreoli is able to produce both quantity on a large scale and one-off pieces with an exclusive design.

Since 1990, Andreoli has been part of “DuPont™ Corian® Quality Network” group.